Universal White Time Healing

About Universal White Time Healing

The Well of White Time
Image by Rafael Ungston
  1. UWTH was created by highly developed Spiritual beings, having monitored the development on Earth for millions of years, and saw the need for increased healing.
  2. This healing power was adapted to the needs of humankind and was constructed to give the right amount of power on the right frequency.
  3. It provides protection and security for both the practitioner and the client.
  4. Universal White Time Healing was tailor-made for humanity, nature, situations in life and Mother Earth. It is very suitable for healing for physical, psychological, emotional daily problems and situations of life.
  5. UWTH can be taught to all people. Age does not matter, although a pupil should be at least 10 years of age or fully matured spiritually to take on the responsibilities of being a healer. It doesn’t matter what religious direction you have. The only thing is that your heart should be within it. Then you are welcome.
  6. UWTH does not interfere with Karmic Laws.
  7. Every healer has different starting points. That is, a person who has had previous lives as a healer starts out from another level than a person who has not been a healer in earlier lives.
  8. There are no limits to the level of power a person can reach. That is one of the reasons why this form of healing was unknown in society for so long. These positions were very few and always were contact persons who didn’t want to draw attention to themselves. They were hiding out.
  9. This is one of the reasons why this healing-form has been kept out of the public eye for so long; until May 1993. At this time, the Earth Plane went through a natural increase of the frequency and Spiritual insights were given.
  10. UWTH is unique due to the fact that the healer uses past, present and the future in one unit. The healer connects to a special Well of Force – the Universal White Time Healing Well of Force. The Oldest, the highest Spiritual beings, extraterrestrials, angels and light beings guard that Well of Force. From the Well brings the Force of White Time. White Time is white Light, which is the same as all colors of Light in one. And all Time in one means past, present and future in one and the same unit of energy. So a person who works with White Time does not use their own personal force, light, energy or anything else which some other healing forms on Earth do use, with very bad consequences for the healer.
  11. Through White Time the healer can go back in time and give healing a few seconds before the sickness or problem occurred. The healer can heal in present time, taking away pain and discomfort. The healer also sends the healing force into the future to prevent the illness or problem from occurring again.
  12. UWTH does improve the health of the healer. Some of the force is given to the healer when a session is done, because it flows through the healer.
  13. UWTH obeys the Karmic Laws. If an illness has karmic origins, the healing power will be turned off by itself.
  14. The practitioner can never be affected by their client’s karma.
  15. UWTH can also be used to heal food, drink, fluid, material things, events, personal situations, in present time and past time. It is simpler to do healing on fluid substances, like water, blood and gasoline as compared to doing healing on bone structures, stone or metal. There is no limit, though, on what the healing can be used for.
  16. The healer is opening themself up to the Healing Force with a password. And then a receiving funnel is created on the head, at the Crown Chakra. Afterwards, when the healing is done, the healer closes with a closing word and gesture. After each healing, the healer becomes stronger and the capacity of the healer increases with one step. So the funnel on the head is widening for more healing force to come through. In this way, the healer becomes stronger and stronger after each healing that the healer performs. You also become stronger even if you only do healing on yourself, your computer, a dog or a cat, etc.
  17. You should have a humble attitude and a worthy thought because you are healing and giving out unconditional love to all fellow beings on this Earth. You should always remember that you are a Divine tool for the Force. It is a fantastic Force and opportunity to use this tool in the service of Light and Love.
  18. UWTH can be used in many ways and the healing goes into many levels of the client, even on the etheric and astral bodies. After each healing, there is a reaction within the client. The first day the client usually becomes tired and sleeps very well. The second day the client is alert and has more energy. The third day, the client feels good within the body. The healing works 25-27 days in the body. The healing is targeting the area of the body where it is needed. It searches for the things that could be wrong or failing, both physical, psychological, emotional, etc. The Force in itself is intelligent and can change itself and adapt to situations during the time when it is working in the body. You can never ever heal or do anything wrong. It always corrects itself.
  19. UWTH can also be used for healing at a distance. When you do such a healing, the healer is following a certain sequence with extraterrestrial signs and symbols. These symbols can also be used at other times when the healer wants extra force and even to prevent energies. The symbols are a clear interpretation of the Total Love Force
  20. The difference between UWTH and other healing forms are many. The strongest difference is that we take our Force as energy from a Well that never can become empty. Another difference is that UWTH never has been divided up into weaker branches. It stands united as one strong teaching, with strong and certified teachers. Each country should have a Head Teacher, but some countries do not because they are accounted for as free zones. Another difference is that UWTH receives the energy through a funnel. This brings in the healing force through the middle of the crown chakra, while other forms of healings have the energies coming in on the side of, or around, the crown chakra. Those kinds sometime interfere or strangle the natural flow of the crown chakra. Another is that the UWTH energy is the same strength in both of the hands, not receiving with one hand and giving with another, but having the same force in both.
  21. UWTH is connected more with the Universe, but receives Mother Earth’s energy and lets the forces from both qualities meet in the heart. Many other healing forms only pick up from Earth itself, because they are created on Earth.
What happens during a white time healing session?
  1. The client and the healer are connected mentally together when the healing starts. The brain waves harmonize with each other in the first 30 minutes of the healing. That is why it is important to focus then on the more intense parts of the healing. What this means, in a medical way, is that the brain waves of the healer and the client are in harmony with each other and all of the brain waves - alpha, beta, theta, and delta - are acting together with 90% in both healer and client.
  2. A normal hands-on healing takes 50 minutes up to an hour. Shoulder healing usually takes 15-40 minutes. A distance healing takes 3-20 minutes. Animal healing 5-15 minutes. Accident healing performed at the scene of an accident, could take 10-20 minutes, but could be longer with a connecting distance healing when the ambulance has taken the person away. Light touch healing, laying the hands on someone’s shoulder or shaking someone’s hands could be done in 1 second to 1 minute. It can also become longer by adding distance healing afterwards.
  3. The healing force is taken into the healer’s crown chakra, at the top of the head. The force of the healing goes down a bit under the heart chakra and then turns there and goes up again through the heart. It twice goes through the heart, warming up with the heart’s energy and the love within the healer. Then the energy flows up from the heart, from the area into both of the arms and down to the hands and out through the palms of the hands. When a person has worked a lot with the healing, the force can be directed in other ways from the heart chakra into other areas of the body, through, for instance, the third eye, the eyes, the mouth, one of the toes or a little finger or something.
  4. During a hands-on-healing, the healer places the hands on the client’s body in a pattern, covering all of the chakras and the important flows of the body. But the healing can also be tailor-made to a client’s particular wish.
  5. The healing force is put deeper into the client by closing at the end of the session. The closing is done at certain energy channels or energy place/points under the feet.
  6. The energy in the client’s body is going to work for 25-27 days. This time can be different, depending on how severe an injury/illness is or how deep a problem is. Some people can have the energy working in them for a longer time, and others, of course, shorter. The shortest time for the healing to work if you haven’t grounded underneath the feet or done a grounding is hand-on healing, 16-18 days. Shoulder healing, 11 days. Distance healing, 7-14 days. Accident healing, 10 days. Light touch healing, 1 day to one week. Animal healing, 14 days. If you ground, all of these will be 25-27 days.
  7. Usually we get quick results from the healing. Usually there is a response from the person after only 3 days. Usually we recommend people to do more than one healing session. The best is to ask them to have 3 sessions because then they would have a completion for both the body, the psychological and emotional things; the problem can be solved in more than one way. Usually it is not needed to go to more than 10 sessions. But, of course, a person can provide themself with good preventive health care.
  8. The healer who uses Universal White Time Healing has also the knowledge of taking down Universal Forces through something called the “Golden Movement.” This is a special energy movement that is very old and comes from a place even before Creation occurred.
  9. The founders of UWTH have a very deep belief in the “All” existing. Their belief says that everyone is unique. They say that everyone carries a Force that is unique for that person. They believe that every person has a Divine quality themselves and they are a part of the All and everyone needs to be within the All to make the All complete.