Universal White Time Healing


Teresa Robinson

Universal White Time Healing is an amazing new healing modality that heals in all colors and in all time. It is by far the most effective, immediate, powerful, intense, yet gentle method I have ever experienced. I also have found my learning and practice with this healing – first as practitioner, then as teacher and high teacher – to put me on an incredible path of personal spiritual growth. It is the perfect healing modality for the exciting time in which we live.

From the ‘80s on, I’ve been through all sorts of spiritual paths. But around the turn of the century, 1998 to be exact, a new form of energetic healing was brought to this country – Universal White Time Healing. White Time was introduced to this planet just seventeen years ago, but has been used throughout the universe for eons. White Time healers generally work with angels, archangels, extra-terrestrials and other powerful light beings – all of whom are coming to help the planet shift to a New Earth, a new vibration of love and consciousness.

White Time Healing is an advanced healing modality connected to all of creation. This divine frequency combines all colors and time to heal in the past, present and future. Working with White Time is unique to other energetic healing modalities in its ability to open one up to the greater Universal consciousness. The deep clearing and reconnection stimulates healing in the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. The healing includes aura cleansing, chakra cleansing and balancing, cord removal and more. It is sealed in the client and works within the body over 27 days.

One aspect of the Universal White Time Healing uses gemstones and crystals in more than one hundred different and very specific combinations. Each layout is designed to have a special purpose – i.e., opening one up to love or creativity, connecting with your Higher Self or the New Earth, connecting to the Angels, etc.

The teachings in White Time also help one understand the time in which we are now living and how our life is part of the bigger plan. The meditations help us slip into creations beyond ours and creations that existed before ours. White Time is truly an exciting journey, one which you will not want to end!