Universal White Time Healing

White Time Healing and Classes

Healing Sessions

Private hands-on energy sessions in Universal White Time Healing generally result in significant change in one’s physical, spiritual or emotional condition or outlook. While most of the session’s effect is felt within the first three days, the energy continues to work in the body for twenty-seven days. Sessions are $60 for one hour or $90 for an hour and a half.

In gemstone layout sessions, each crystal emits a high frequency to the body. In addition, new frequencies are being emitted through the combinations of the crystals. The frequency combinations have been developed by high spiritual beings in an effort to help our spiritual growth during this period of intense global change. Sessions are about a half hour long and range from $30 for one to $150 for a set of six.

Healer Classes

Universal White Time Healing is taught in four classes -- Levels I, II, III, and IV.

Level I is a weekend course that gives participants the gift of healing in their hands, through three major initiations. Students learn the basics of hands-on and distance healing, and also about healing plants, animals, the weather, etc. Students go home with the ability to be very strong healers.

Level II opens students up to more advanced work in White Time Healing. They learn over two days how to use White Divine Blessings of Light, to make light tubes and walls of light, advanced techniques in chakra balancing, total personal balancing, and ways to amp up their healing power.

During the course of this training there is the option of receiving two additional initiations designed to 'upgrade' your system and expand your abilities. Though these are not required for Level II, it is beneficial to have received them prior to beginning Level III training.

Level III is the first class in the higher school of Universal White Time Healing. During the three-day course, students learn how to channel and see auras more clearly, highly advanced aura cleansing techniques, how to use more than one’s hands to heal, a number of very powerful signs to use in healing sessions, scanning the body, a highly advanced way of total personal balancing, about colors and gemstones, and how to make “earth flowers” for opening portals on earth to lift mass consciousness to higher consciousness and spirituality.

Increased personal frequency is significantly expanded through Level III initiations, opening up 72 blocks within your system for increased spiritual abilities.

Level IV is the highest level of Universal White Time Healing currently being taught on this planet. It is an intense five-day experience, filled with major and minor initiations, that will take the healer to new levels of experience perhaps not thought possible. Level IV teaches about love and dispelling fears, deep connections with animals, plants and nature, loving contact with other human beings, intense chakra cleansing, and how to cut unhealthy energetic cords, use your etheric fingers, and remove swords and arrows from previous lives. The course also teaches healers how to use their angelic wings and gemstone positions for the powers of the universe, and how to heal from 50 to 500 people in one session! The final segment of the class includes profound meditations to assist one in connecting with the highly evolved worlds beyond ours!

Three to six weeks after completion of your Level IV training, you will have the option of scheduling your 10,000 step upgrade providing you with the increased force of the equivalent of 10,000 hours of healing work.

Teacher Course

One can also learn how to become a teacher of Universal White Time Healing, and thereby be able give others the gift of being able to heal oneself and others.

In the first weekend certification course, you will receive comprehensive training to become a Level I teacher of practitioners. You will be provided education in training, certification and initiations, so that you may conduct your own classes, according to the principles of Universal White Time Healing.


For training to become a UWTH teacher or healer, or to schedule an appointment for a healing, please email teresaSrobinson@comcast.net, or call (408) 206-4779.