Universal White Time Healing

About UWTH Gemstone Healing

Image by New Visions Books

One aspect of the Universal White Time Healing uses gemstones and crystals in more than one hundred different and very specific combinations. Each layout is designed to have a special purpose i.e., opening to love or creativity, connecting with your Higher Self or the New Earth, connecting to the Angels, etc.

These unique gemstone layouts, created by highly developed ETs, are placed by the healer on the body to significantly change the vibrational frequency of the etheric, mental, and physical bodies. The different layouts offer the possibility to heal on a very deep and lasting level and to open up to experience life with a much higher frequency, which translates into health, joy, love, a positive outlook on life and development of the mind. They also assist the body and mind to ground our spiritual growth and development so we can fully manifest our Divine bodies and purposes. Many of the layouts also help us open up to the new vibrations that are inundating Earth, thereby making our growth much more harmonious.

Everything in our universe is vibrating so, through sympathetic resonance, our vibrations can be lifted by the strong vibrations of the stones. By placing stones that work harmoniously with each other on our bodies, we can affect not only the body, but also the aura, the psychic and etheric bodies on a very deep and positive level. If the energy bodies are out of balance, the body will manifest this in the form of both physical and psychological imbalance or disorders - disease. The gemstone layouts can correct and heal these imbalances.