Universal White Time Healing


Sammy and the Bright Light is a children's picture book about a boy whose grandmother has a near death experience. She passes through the tunnel of White Time that each of us go through at birth and at death. However, the boy's grandmother is resuscitated and "comes back." After this near death experience, she has a stronger intention to fulfill her purpose in life. She ultimately does die, but the boy is comforted, knowing that she is in a better place.

This book is meant to be a source of both understanding and comfort for young children, about age 5 to 10. It does not refer to Universal White Time Healing. However, the tunnel of light that one passes through at birth and death, into and out of the body, contains the same frequency as the energy used in Universal White Time hands-on healing.

Extraterrestrials also use these White Time tunnels for space travel. Because it is filled with a frequency that is past, present, and future all in one energy, the ships in that tunnel do not spend "time" getting somewhere.

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